to the international gyrocopter training school.


ased in Sweden we deliver excellent flight training, tailored to your needs. All around the world.


he pilots are trained using the English syllabus and we use the english book, "How to fly a new generation gyrocopter" by Phil Harwood.


o matter in which country, no matter on which continent - we are there for you.



Amazing machines. Not an airplane, not a helicopter...
It´s a Gyrocopter!

gyro training


Gyro flight training using Phil Harwords books, "How to fly a new generation gyrocopter".



Not further away than a phone call or email. We offer training at your nearest airport.

Gyrocopter Training

We offer training from absolute beginner or if you already have a pilot license we do conversions for three axis or flex wing pilots.

If you are thinking of buying a gyrocopter we offer a wide range of machines open or closed cockpit, tandem or side by side. The choice is yours!

Please do not hesitate to contact us to find out more on how we can help you become a gyrocopter pilot with your own aircraft.

Gyrocopter Talk

  • I shall be visiting friends in Johanesbourg and Cape Town during February of 2015. Is there any chance of meeting up with the gyro communities in those areas to get to know you and perhaps fly a little? If there is any interest I could bring my rotor/prop balancer and show you it working. Mike G

  • Wi-fi link to autopilot controls to execute emergency landing! Downside ....Only any good if your aircraft is equipped with autopilot system! http://www.popsci.com/xavion-ipad-app-can-make-emergency-airplane-landing-autopilot :plane: :cool:

  • I just found an information packet from Bensen (the one they sent you if you ordered it from the back of Mechanic's Illistrated) at a flea market that is complete and in pristine condition. Amoung the items is a 35"x22.5" blueprint of the Bensen Gyrocopter Model B-7M. I've made some copies of this...

  • Hi, Chuck Is metal surface just fine or there is better materials to use for contacting/braking a tire with a scrub brake? Thank you. Georgi.

  • I know that before I took my flight exams, I was filled with questions about what all would be involved, what counted, etc. As a relatively recent DPE, I would like to invite the gyroplane community to ask any questions that you may have relating to the flight exam or flight training. I will do...

  • If you are a HELICOPTER NUT like me...and THIS is the breakroom at work...is it a sign you are in the right job? Image: http://i1271.photobucket.com/albums/jj637/dougpressley/DSCN2781_zpsae3fd05f.jpg

  • Airplane guy here. When performing slow flight in a fixed wing, you fly right on the edge of a stall. If a gyro can't stall, how slow can you go and maintain altitude?

  • I found a blog written by a retired helicopter pilot who was also the chief instructor for the McCulloch J2 Gyroplane Factory from about 1970 to 1975 During that era McCulloch was setting up numerous dealerships around America and Europe , and each dealership was required to have at least 2...

  • I've just finished helping a French journalist write an article for a French light aviation magazine (Vol Moteur) where we put a Vibrex and the PB3 balancer on a Magni and tested them side by side balancing the rotor. It _should _be published (in French) in January. I have the English version of...

  • I just stumbled on a research project of the DLR (German Aerospace Center) which is aimed at making flying of helicopters easier and more intuitive. Termed "myCopter" this project is supposed to be a first small step toward being able to design ground/air-vehicles that would fill the air like you...

  • Hello Guys I'm looking into purchasing a PB-3 prop/rotor balancer from Mark Burton. I have tried to searct the forum on the key word PB3 or PB-3 but it shows no hits witch I find strange since I know that f.ex Mike G has post regarding this instrument. I ask all of you if anyone of you...

  • Bought a basic rolling frame complete with rotor head from a nice old man in VA. Looking to finish the unit. I know it was a Maxie Wildes design, and I've been in contact with Maxie regarding his 2place plans, but he doesn't have plans for it anymore due to a hard drive crash. Anyone have info on...

  • Ricky Fitness and the drum copter! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-c1scxSLto

  • Coverage for SilverLight Aviation's engineering certification work by Dan Johnson http://www.bydanjohnson.com/ (look for article dated Dec 9, 2014 called "Fresh American LSA & Ultralight Exports")

  • I want clarification with reference to the mast moment measurement in 4-bladed hingeless rotors (Example like in BO 105, EC135, BK 117 and ALH from India). The measurement of mast moment was done on rotating mast with reference to main rotor blade through strain gauge/slip rings. There were strain...