to the international gyrocopter training school.


ased in Sweden we deliver excellent flight training, tailored to your needs. All around the world.


he pilots are trained using the English syllabus and we use the english book, "How to fly a new generation gyrocopter" by Phil Harwood.


o matter in which country, no matter on which continent - we are there for you.



Amazing machines. Not an airplane, not a helicopter...
It´s a Gyrocopter!

gyro training


Gyro flight training using Phil Harwords books, "How to fly a new generation gyrocopter".



Not further away than a phone call or email. We offer training at your nearest airport.

Gyrocopter Training

We offer training from absolute beginner or if you already have a pilot license we do conversions for three axis or flex wing pilots.

If you are thinking of buying a gyrocopter we offer a wide range of machines open or closed cockpit, tandem or side by side. The choice is yours!

Please do not hesitate to contact us to find out more on how we can help you become a gyrocopter pilot with your own aircraft.

Gyrocopter Talk

  • Guys, I came up with a really cool and easy way to install and put up your rotor or take it down. I think the pictures are self explanatory and gyronauts are welcome to try this. You will need a ladder like mine that fits from the ground to the top of the mast. Fit it with a pulley or buy one that...

  • Good day , Is any one using a In flight adjustable Ivo Prop on 2.5 Sub ?

  • My son asked if we can build a dyna vibe type balancer for a school project. We build an optical sensor from an Ir led and photo sensor. The accelerometer is a 3 axis combined with 3 axis gyrometer. Test rotor is a cd with reflective tape driven by a rc motor. The cd has a weight on one...

  • ---Quote (Originally by Capt'n Gator)--- . . . On a side bar, we have a number of guys here in NC that fly gyros and will be getting together at the Anson County Airport, the weekend of 15-17 November. There should be around a dozen gyros there and a lot of people to talk to about gyros. Give...

  • The wind was 15 to 20, temp was almost 70. It was pants and jacket flying but very comfortable. Yanking and banking in the wind is some of the finest flying there is. It was a good day

  • Good Day every one, Could you all give me your opinion on a good head set for open cockpit ?

  • Doing some load testing for ground loads and water loads on LSA amphib Carbon/Kevlar honeycomb sandwich floats for gross weight of 1430 pounds. The ground loads and water loads show the floats can handle 1600 pounds gross weight under Part 23 criteria.

  • Hey Guys, Have any of you, use fuel stabilizers? Any advise on brand or any similar product, etc, etc I have read many times about these products but never use them. I have not flying my Magni gyro with Rotax 914 for more than a year and now the fuel tank has a bad odor and I need to clean...

  • So as it starts to cool down and I look forward to some open cockpit flying in cooler weather, I'm thinking a Nomex flight suit will make sense. Anyone have any recommendations on brands, thickness etc, or are they all sort of the same?

  • do somebody know story of this exciting project ? Gyrocopter for Restoration Twin Rotor Helicopter Synchrocopter I saw on sale : http://www.ebay.com/itm/Gyrocopter-for-Restoration-Twin-Rotor-Helicopter-Synchrocopter-/400800252918?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item5d518e83f6 This auction is...

  • Can anyone provide info on the Cloud Dancer I. I really like the looks of the single place enclosed cabin. Their website is all in German. Are they still in business??? Any used single place units out there??? Can they be registered in the US??? Would anyone like to copy the cabin design...

  • Had a blast flying this beast this summer. Now, its time for an upgrade. 130HP of pure muscle to manage the extra weight of floats and passenger. Oversized 84mm piston (ceramic coated) replacing original 115HP Pistons.(i believe 79mm) plus custom camshaft work to take the extra load. I'm excited...

  • I'm rather curious if any work has been done with coaxial, non-powered autogyro rotors. My (limited) research has only shown that autogyros of this type usually have a powered lower rotor and an auto-rotating upper rotor, and I'm in seek of more traditional pusher/puller designs. Some other...

  • Its listed as a gyrocopter, but I have never seen a scissor rotor gyro? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Gyrocopter-for-Restoration-/400800252918?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item5d518e83f6#ht_711wt_917 If this link doesn't work go to ebay and look for gyrocopter. Thanks

  • (New member here, bear with me). Title says all. I'm in seek of a high resolution scan of plans for Bensen blades - the later, non-monolithic ones. Any direction-pointing and/or a source would be fantastic and much appreciated.