Gyros come in different shapes and sizes.
We provide You training for all of them!

Welcome to the international gyrocopter training school.

Based in Sweden we deliver excellent flight training, tailored to your needs.
All around the world.
The pilots are trained using the English syllabus and we use the English book, "How to fly a new generation gyrocopter" by Phil Harwood.
Explore a new dimension, We come to you and teach you how to fly. No matter in which country, no matter on which continent - we are there for you.

Become a gyropilot. We offer training in your home country, just an email away.

Gyrocopter Training right now


We offer training from absolute beginner or if you already have a pilot license we do conversions for three axis or flex wing pilots.
If you are thinking of buying a gyrocopter we offer a wide range of machines open or closed cockpit, tandem or side by side.
The choice is yours!
Please do not hesitate to contact us to find out more on how we can help you become a gyrocopter pilot with your own aircraft.

Contact us at Gyrocopter School

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