Gyrocopters for sale

Xenon Gyrocopter FOR SALE

Xenon gyrocopter with Rotax 914 engine. Extremely good condition.

The best side-by-side gyrocopter on the market.

Spacious cabin.

The cockpit in the Xenon gyro is extremely wide. There is more space in the Xenon gyro than in a Cessna 150.

Since the Xenon has windows in the ceiling as well as on the floor the visibility from cockpit is awesome.

180 hours on engine and airframe.

One owner has taken care of this machine since new. Everything is in order and the service has been done regulary.

Xenon gyrocopter for sale


If you have never flown a Xenon gyrocopter before, do so! We are sure you will find that this machine is comfortable and great fun. Contact us for more information.


We will provide training for the buyer until he or she feels comfortable of going on a solo flight.

Price: 69000€ / 88,500 USD


ELA Gyrocopter for sale

ELA gyro for sale in Sweden

Model: ELA 07 R-100  -2011
Engine: Rotax 912 ULS (100hp)
Total time: 120 hours

Radio: Filser ATR 500
Transponder: Filser TRT 800

75l fueltank
Cover for both machine and rotor is included.

Heating Clothes (Gerbing) Thermostat included

Everything is in great shape and has always been hangared.

All service has been performed according to handbook. Registered as Microlight Airplane in Sweden.

We will arrange flight training.

Price: 40 500 Euro