The Gyroplane in Law Enforcement Book
The Gyroplane in Law Enforcement
June 21, 2016
Gyrocopter phone case to order.
Gyrocopter Phone Case
June 21, 2016

Light Sport Gyroplanes

Light Sport Gyroplanes book

Light-Sport Gyroplanes: An introductory guide for discovering these unique aircraft

By (author): Ira McComic

Sometimes called a gyrocopter, a gyroplane has a rotor like a helicopter and a propeller like an airplane. It’s a unique kind of aircraft–and uniquely fun to fly.

This non-technical book is for persons who are interested in gyroplanes, especially those who may not know much about them, but are curious to discover more. Even persons who think they know a lot about gyroplanes may be surprised to learn about developments that are making gyroplanes better, safer, and more inviting to fly for novices new to aviation as well as pilots who fly all kinds of aircraft.
In brief, whether you’re avidly interested in gyroplanes or simply curious, this book is for you. Here’s some of the information you’ll find in this book.
  • A description of light-sport gyroplanes
  • How light-sport gyroplanes compare to other aircraft
  • A brief history of gyroplanes
  • Regulations for light-sport aircraft
  • Regulations for the Sport Pilot license
  • Considerations for gyroplane training
  • The most important issue confronting the future for light-sport gyroplanes
  • A directory of gyroplanes by manufacturers and models
  • A collection of resources for additional information about gyroplanes
The author, Ira McComic, is a US pilot with ratings for airplanes, helicopters and gyroplanes and is a Certified Flight Instructor. From Amirado Publishing Visit
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Founder of Gyrocopter School and solely responsible for the successful introduction of the new breed of modern Gyrocopters in Sweden. Author of the official Swedish student material for training new gyrocopter pilots. 2500+ hours flying gyrocopters.

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