These are great gyrocopter books from authors around the world:

Below you can see the books normally used for gyrocopter flight training.

Flying a ‘New Generation’ Gyrocopter

Flying a new generation gyrocopter by Phil Harwood This book is particularly designed for people who already know how to fly and want to learn to fly a Gyrocopter. It is a book of ‘differences’ and omits many of the common concepts that transcent most forms of flying. It is direct and concise with the odd touch of humour. In short, this book will help you to understand how to think like a Gyrocopter pilot. If used correctly, this book will prepare you for your training and shorten your learning curve. Even if you don’t plan to learn to fly, this book will let you into the secrets of Gyrocopter flying and these ‘New Generation’ machines.Many microlight, fixed wing and light helicopter pilots have now decided to go for the Gyrocopter experience and learn to fly these machines. But be warned: a Gyrocopter may control like a conventional aircraft, but to fly safely you MUST think like a Gyronaut. There are many differences, some very subtle, that can be critical in times of emergency or pressure.

This book is a training guide for flying New Generation Gyrocopters. 200 pages with over 100 clear and concise diagrams giving you a step by step guide to learning to fly.

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The Gyrocopter Pilot’s Handbook

The Flying Exercises

The gyrocopter Pilot handbook written by Phil Harwood This spiral bound book with over 435 pages and over 150 full colour diagrams is the complete companion to the PPL(G)Syllabus in the UK. It contains a chapter for every exercise in the Syllabus from the initial introductory flight, right through to the details of the General Flying Test and a complete briefing exists for every exercise. It is essential reading for every PPL(G)student and pilot – students will find this book invaluable in helping with their training by being able to research before a flight and to re-cap after a flight. Existing pilots will be able to refresh all the items that they may have long since forgotten to keep their flying safe and fresh. Written in an ‘easy to read’ style this book covers all the flying exercises in the syllabus but it does not cover any gyroplane technical information – that is only contained in Phil’s other publication – ‘Flying the New Generation Gyrocopter’

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Autogyros, Gyroplanes and Gyrocopters

The 9th in a series of books from the pen of Dave Organ

Autogyros, Gyroplanes, Gyrocopters written by Dave Organ Produced throughout in full colour perfect bound softback(240mmx170mm) with 18 Chapters, over 47,000 words and 200 images, this professionally produced book brings you all you need to know about the fascinating world of Autogyros. With over 30 years experience as an Autogyro pilot, author Dave Organ has used his knowledge to produce a concise and easy to read book that covers all aspects of this form of Sport Flying.
Topics covered include the Origins of Rotary Winged Flight, Birth of the Autogiro, Second generation Gyroplanes, Current single and two seat models worldwide, How they work, handling the theory, Gyros in the U.S.A., Powerplants and how they work, Training requirements, How to get started, Radiotelephony, Ken Wallis and ‘Little Nellie’, Pre-rotators, plus a comprehensive list of Contact addresses, Flying Instructors and Inspectors, and ending with a full Gyroplane Glossary. Endorsed with a Foreword from Wing Commander K.H. Wallis MBE who flew ‘Little Nellie’ in the James Bond film ‘You Only Live Twice’ Part quote “Autogyros, Gyroplanes and Gyrocopters’ will surely be necessary reading for those already involved in flying such aircraft in addition to those contemplating ownership and flight of such practical little aircraft”.order it at
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