You will be in the pilot seat from day one.

We deliver the gyrocopter and the pilot training to your doorstep. The training will begin with a short introduction flight where you can enjoy the scenery and relax as a passanger. Depending on you this flight would be around 1 hour long. After this you will be in the pilot seat.

Gyro Instruction Book

Flight training:

Which gyrocopter would you like?
ELA-07S, ELA Cougar, MT-03, MTO-sport, Calidus, Cavalon, Magni M-16 trainer, Magni M-24 Orion, Xenon.

Flight training program includes:

  • – Takeoff, circling and landing trainings
  • – Zero airspeed descent
  • – Selection of the landing field from air and safe landing
  • – Training for emengency landings
  • – Non instrument flights
  • – Solo flights
  • – Navigation flights with instructor and solo