Which one would you prefer?

There are gyrocopter that are one seaters, two seater tandem, two seater side by side and even one that will fit a stretcher for medical evacuation purposes.

It can be hard to choose what model you want.

Because the modern gyrocopters has reached enormous popularity, especially in Europe where they have been in the top of sales several years, there are more developers and companies looking into the construction of gyrocopters.
A great response to the growing market we now have some "tailor made" gyrocopter models that are specially built to fit certain needs.

One example is the Trixy gyro that have specialized in photography and film, mounting camera gimbals and setting up a complete system. They call their model TrixyEye and it is really the option for someone who want a camera high up in the sky. As they say themselves: TrixyEye is not only an eye of professionals in the sky. It is also designed to carry a drop-off box (DropBox) with aids or equipment under its cabin.

Camera of the Trixy Eye gyrocopter

Another example of building a gyrocopter for a special task would be the C-44 Medevac from Celier Aviation. It has the possibility to fit a stretcher and can be used as an air ambulance. It also have the possibility to fit a camera gimbal underneath it for surveillance work etc.

C44 Medevac gyrocopter

The modern Gyrocopter

Today's gyrocopters has really begun to reach all audiences. Gyrocopters might have had a bad reputation once back in the seventies and eighties due to the simple facts that:
* People built their own machines (remember this was before Google...)
* The same people taught themselves how to fly the machines they built.

These two factors led to that the accident statistics surprisingly went through the roof. It is however these pioneers that made the modern gyrocopters possible.

We have gathered a list with information of modern Gyrocopters from all around the world.
We hope this will help You in your decision which gyrocopter that will fit your needs.


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