Most things in life require compromises in which you settle for less than expected. If you believe in choices rather than compromises, you have the choice to fly any gyrocopter, and you have the choice to fly the ultimate in performance, style and safety: ArrowCopter

Over six years of intense development time can be summed up in a single word: uncompromising.

The result is a closed, with summer kit option, tandem gyrocopter whose aerodynamic shape not only looks very stylish but also has the aerodynamics build for speed, performance and safety. Awarded the Austrian type certificate based on the tough British BCAR Section-T standard.
Using sophisticated Finite Element Analysis, running on hefty computers, that simulated the
highest loads under the worst conditions making sure NOTHING breaks.

The Arrow Copter is Safe

Integrated safety in the sculpted Carbon Fiber/Kevlar seats and in the outboard fuel tanks. All in the strength of the double Carbon Fiber shell protecting pilot and passenger and in the wide stance of the Arrow-Copter’s main gear.
In fact, you will not find a single item that is not engineered with uncompromising safety first.

Incredible experience

With the Arrow Copter you can explore the world like in no other aircraft – high or low, fast or slow, and anything in between. Sleek aerodynamics and reliable Rotax power make traveling at 120 mph a breeze. Just put the pitch adjustable prop in cruise, listen to the muted sound of the fully enclosed engine, adjust the cabin ventilation and temperature to your comfort and watch the landscape speed by, either by looking out the fully enclosed canopy or by monitoring the 3D moving map display on the EFIS. And once you’re there, your landing will be smooth and easy thanks to the cushioning effect of the lift provided by the wings that also double as a rugged landing gear with more than eight inches of shock absorbing travel.
Performance is more about brains than brawn. It’s comforting to know that the ArrowCopter has both.

Arrowcopter the most exlusive one.

How is the Arrow Copter built?

The ArrowCopter’s composite construction is manufactured using industry renowned facilities with a
clean room environment, autoclave curing, laser cutting, CNC machining, ultrasound testing and
more brought to work in order to turn out uncompromising quality.
Ultimately, what we tried to achieve is uncompromising harmony. The kind of harmony you
experience when you fly an Arrow-Copter and you feel that the machine is a natural extension of
yourself. Everything is right where it ought to be and works just how you expect it to. That’s the
hallmark of good design.
A design creates emotions. Emotions shape values. Values change the future. We predict that the
Arrow-Copter will do no less.

Facts about the ArrowCopter AC20

Length and width of the Arrowcopter

The gyrocopter AC20 is a light gyroplane with a semi rigid, teetering, 2 bladed rotor system. The rotor is accelerated prior to take off by a user actuated clutch that couples power from the engine to the prerotator drive system. Power is provided by a Rotax 914 UL 4-stroke, 4-cylinder, turbocharged, carburated engine delivering 115 hp.

The fuselage is designed for two occupants in tandem seating with either a semi open or fully closed canopy. The canopies are interchangeable on the ground. The structure of the AC20 is carbon fibre. It consists of a fuselage, two stub wings and the empennage. The empenna-ge is comprised of a horizontal stabilizer, two vertical stabilizers and a rudder. The undercarriage is designed as a fixed tricycle gear with free castoring nose wheel. The stub wings provide lift and double as fuel tanks. The suspension is designed into all three wheels.

Arrow Copter Features & Benefits.

  • Tandem seating: more efficient aerodynamic shape and flight performance
  • Closed cabin: protection and comfort, semi-closed cabin optionally available
  • Carbon fibre construction: the best compromise between weight and strength, autoclave technology and pre-preg layups.
  • Finite-Element-Analyse: all parts have been optimized and constructed regarding strength and resilience using high-end, state-of-the-art computer modelling
  • Innovative WGSP® (Wing-Gear-Suspension-Petrol-System): The unique stub wing, in addition to providing lift, also serves as a fuel tank, landing gear and suspension. Unsurpassed safety, performance and comfort.

Design & Comfort.

  • Ergonomic bucket seats: construction of Carbon and Kevlar, pilot seat adjustable
  • Spacious cabin: storage space, carpet-lined, seats cover material individually selectable (leather optional), unsurpassed view.
  • Pleasant cabin atmosphere: adjustable air supply and heating (optional) providing clear sight and a comfortable cruise environment.
  • Closed canopy and double-walled cabin: low noise level for pilot and passenger
  • EFIS (Electronic Flight Information System): installed with a 16-channel GPS, Moving Map with 3D-terrain-display; all relevant flight- and engine data are graphically or numerically presentable, analogue back-up instruments provided (airspeed indicator, altimeter, compass, turn and bank indicator)


  • Double-walled cabin provides highest protection against accidents
  • External tanks for maximum fire safety
  • Wide wheelbase ensures stable landing and safe taxing
  • Differential brakes enable easy ground manoeuvring


The ArrowCopter AC20 is powered by a 4-stroke, opposed 4-cylinder turbocharged engine. The engine is liquid and air cooled, has two CV carburettors, electronic ignition and a dry sump oil system.

Manufacturer: BRP Powertrain GmbH & Co KG, Austria, 4623 Gunskirchen

Model: Rotax 914 UL; Power: 115 HP; Gear Ratio: 1:2,43; Fuel: RON 95


2-blade composite pusher propeller, optional variable pitch adjustment, diameter 181 cm (5,9“)

Manufacturer: FD-Composites GmbH

Arrow Copter the most exclusive gyrocopter.