I personally flew one of the first Calidus ever built. My first reaction was that the machine was developed too quick. AutoGyro had to meet the market fast and it felt like they could have used more time thinking of design and such.

Calidus Autogyro flying in the sky.

The Calidus is the ideal addition to our MTOsport. Since its launch in 2009, it enjoys great popularity and completes our product range. As a closed gyro, it is perfect for flight zones with cooler or unstable weather, and it offers its passengers uppermost comfort.

With the proven Rotax engines, a self-supporting body cell of fiberglass/carbon fiber and an interchangeable hood, the Calidus is perfectly equipped for long-haul flights. Because of the innovative aerodynamics, we managed to improve the efficiency and thus the range, compared to the MTOsport.

Calisud Gyro from Autogyro

Technical Specifications of the Calidus:


Length x width x height: 4,8 m x 1,7 m x 2,7 m

Rotor diameter:8.4 m

Cruising speed:160 km/h

Maximum speed:185 km/h

Motor:Rotax 912 ULS (100 hp) or Rotax 914 UL (Turbo with 115 hp),

the two motors each with reduction gearbox 1:2,43