First off, I want to clearify one thing. The name of this gyrocopter is MTO (as is MTO3 and MTO Sport) and not MT03 or MT0 (with a zero) as many people tend to think and write. The guys that copied the ELA gyrocopter was Michael, Thomas and Otmar, hence MTO. Otmar then bought the company but kept the initials on the brand.

The MTOsport is the logical development of the successful MT03. There are now more than 800 gyroplanes used successfully worldwide. As the first in the UL- class approved gyro in Germany, the MT03 offers a whole new flying experience. The MTOsport was introduced in spring 2008. 

To adapt the gyro to various situations around the world, we offer floats to perform takeoffs and landings on water. Thus, the application for the MTOsport is almost limitless.

AutoGyro offers a float kit, giving the MTO Sport the fantastic capability to take off and land on water. The possibilities of the AutoGyro are nearly limitless. Using their professional experience and production capability, the AutoGyro GmbH has become the world market leader in development, production and selling of gyroplanes. The business started in 1999 and since then has grown to a current staff of 90 highly skilled engineers and manufacturing personnel. The experience of many years in aviation, matched with highly-qualified and motivated staff, superb development, production and quality control facilities, has led to the creation of first-class, high value gyroplanes.

The MTO3 gyro has been succesful.

The serial production is running at full capacity since 2007. Every working day one AutoGyro is manufactured and exported all around the globe. At present, the AutoGyro GmbH supplies certified gyroplanes to more than 40 countries worldwide. In the UK, where the strictest regulatory aircraft standard is to be required (BCAR Section T), the AutoGyro GmbH cooperates with RotorSport UK Ltd, and is the only manufacturer on the market.

Composite GRP components (glass or carbon fiber) are created in our in-house developed and manufactured moulds, and painted in our own high class paint shop. Even the individual propeller blades and the propeller hub are manufactured completely by AutoGyro

In my personal opinion the propeller they make is not very good. You are better off changing it to a DUC Windspoon for example.

Autogyro MTOSport

Technical Specifications of the MTOsport:

Length x width x height:

  • 5,1 m x 1,9 m (1,6m) x 2,7 m
  • Rotor diameter: 8.0 m or 8.4 m
  • Cruising speed: 160 km/h
  • Maximum speed:185 km/h
  • Rate of climb:4 m/s
  • Max takeoff weight:450 / 560 kg
  • Engine:Rotax 912 ULS (100 hp) or Rotax 914 UL2 (Turbo with 115 hp), the two engines, each with reduction gearbox 1:2,43

MTO Autogyro