The Trixy G4 GyrocopterThe Trixy G4 Gyrocopter

The unique aerodynamic shape of the fuselage is providing the G4-2 line of Gyrocopters a easy to handle and fun to fly characteristics. An airframe design based on a frame manufactured and designed by Trixy Aviation is incorporating years of aeronautical expertise.

Trixy gyrocopter data:

  • Rotor diameter 8,6
  • Rotor Area 58,0
    Wing load 10,1 / 9,65
  • Rotor material: Carbon fiber
  • L (m) 4,9
  • W (m) 1,85
  • H (m) 2,8
  • Max. take of load (kg) 500-560

Trixy gyrocopter G4 cockpit.
By using box shaped design elements precision cut by CNC machines allows Trixy Aviation to influence and adopt every part to provide the best distribution between stiffness and comfort.
Applying a system to the service inspired by commercial aircraft solutions and setting up a service network of dedicated Trixy Aviation sales centers we are able to provide a maintenance and inspection quality never seen in the UL scene.

Trixy gyrocopter from side with camera mounted.
Safety is our top priorities and an absolute must for full customer satisfaction. It is small details not noticeably to the eye that are incorporated to the design and are there if needed. Although you might never see or need them they are there to serve when needed.
The G 4-2 can be converted from closed to open within minutes.


Trixy gyorocopter glass cockpit.
A Glass cockpit is standard in all versions and gives the pilot needed information’s for a safe flight.
Safety fuel tank as standard.

And a up to 2 year warranty makes the Trixy Aviation Gyrocopters a class of its own.